Restoring liver health
Promethera Biosciences is pioneering the development of liver stem cell therapies to help patients in need of liver transplantation to restore liver health.It offers the first allogeneic off-the-shelf-, liver-derived stem cell therapy for severe liver disease that could become an alternative for liver transplantation.

We were involved throughout Promethera’s recent rebranding, assisting in the creation of a comprehensive portfolio of documents and templates. We created a key visual, and provided copy and design for the new-look website and worked closely with other external agencies to ensure a quality website. During this process, we also updated additional documents according to the new brand, including presentations and the company factsheet.

In 2019, Promethera celebrated its 10th anniversary. We created invitations, thank you notes, a video to show at the event, and more, based around the key visual.

“Thank you @Monkeys not Donkeys for helping design our new website! We appreciate all the thought and work that went into building it. “

Alexandra Schiettekatte – Communications Director –  Promethera

Design and copy for rebranded website 

Custom-designed medical icons for website and other assets

10th anniversary video celebrating the company’s history

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