Watching over you

Arseus Medical
  • 2021

The client

CardiacSense is a validated medical wearable which is easy to use for the home monitoring of a number of vital bio-parameters. A large amount of high-quality clinical data is collected about the patient in a non-invasive way, 24/7. This data can support doctors in making a diagnosis, while at the same time proving useful for prevention.

The challenge

Arseus Medical challenged us to create brand awareness for their CardiacSense device in Benelux and ensure the positioning matched its use as a medical device, to avoid the perception that it is a smart watch. 

Maarten Falter of the telehealth working group of professor Dendale (Jessa Hospital Hasselt), Ingrid Maes, CEO of Innovigate and Sarah Perneel, Business Unit manager Hospital at Arseus Hospital, responsible for the CardiacSense watch talk about ambulatory monitoring as is, its importance, of accurate data and the future.

Sarah Perneel
Business Unit Manager | Arseus Medical

"We were looking for a company to assist us with our outreach to European healthcare professionals for our new device, CardiacSence. The “Monkeys” were a big help with creating an effective key message and communication strategy, as well as a stunning new website with a very dramatic look. We thoroughly enjoyed our collaboration and continue to work with Monkeys not Donkeys today."

Our expertise

We worked with the team to create a new key message and website and created a strategy to reach healthcare professionals as a primary audience, with some communication to patients.

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