Breaking limits in bioanalysis
FOx BIOSYSTEMS is a dynamic company on a mission to revolutionize the life science and pharmacological research markets with innovative real-time, label-free analysis products based on surface plasmon resonance.

We first carried out some desk research into the market addressed by FOx BIOSYSTEMS and the communications of some competitors. We used this knowledge to brainstorm new brand positioning ideas with the FOx BIOSYSTEMS team, as well as to propose new logo designs. Then we incorporated the new branding into a full range of digital assets, including website, brochures, business cards, etc. Finally, we created an ongoing communication plan to publicize the product launch and generate leads.

“Brainstorming with the Monkeys has really helped us to sharpen our message and update our branding. We look forward to seeing how this translates into renewed product awareness in the oncoming months and years.”

Thomas Van Elzakker – CEO – FOx BIOSYSTEMS

New product video with instrument shots
overlaid with custom infographics

Refreshed logo with new brand promise

Full range of digital assets, including website,
app notes, product brochure, templates, etc.

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