From tumor to treatment

  • 2022
20 Sep 2022

From tumor to treatment

The client OncoDNA is a genomic and theranostic company specializing in precision medicine for the treatment of cancer and genetic diseases. The company helps clinicians, academic researchers, and biopharma companies to outsmart molecular complexity with the mission of delivering the promise of precision medicine. OncoDNA not only provides clinical guidance for the treatment and real-time…
06 Jun 2022

Continuous freeze-drying

The client RheaVita provides continuous freeze-drying technology for (bio)pharmaceutical products, resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying with a fast spin-freezing cycle of less than one hour. The challenge RheaVita wanted help with creating some assets that could be used for their outreach. Play explainer movie play_arrow Prof. Dr. Thomas De Beer…
06 Jun 2022

Boosting protein production

The client ProteoNic is a bioproduction technology company with strong commercial validation that licenses its technology to clients developing or manufacturing biologics. ProteoNic’s mission is to enable the production of complex therapeutic proteins and other biologics by offering premium technology to clients to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness. The challenge ProteoNic wanted to update their branding and website to include new product and…
06 Jun 2022

Unmatched genetic solutions

The client Cergentis developed the widely published Targeted Locus Amplification (TLA) technology, a next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology offering unique advantages in the implementation of precision medicine and advanced genetic engineering. The challenge Cergentis were planning to release products in a new application area and were looking for a way to fine-tune their branding and communication…
06 Jun 2022

The health cluster of Wallonia

The client BioWin is the Health Cluster of Wallonia, Belgium, representing all Walloon stakeholders in innovative research projects in health biotechnology and medical technologies and providing them with business development services and communication support.  The challenge BioWin wanted to update their branding and create a dynamic new website to celebrate their 15-year anniversary. See how…
06 May 2022

Automated cell culture monitoring

The client Ovizio Imaging Systems is an image-based sensor company transforming cell culture monitoring with innovative patented microscopy solutions. They produce microscopes that are driven by machine learning to support scientists and biomanufacturers when scaling up their cell- & gene-based therapeutics and vaccine development & manufacturing. The challenge Ovizio wanted a new website and various…